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Here at ChristChurch Fulham, we believe that the Spirit of God has called together people from every background and culture to be one family in His Church. The Church as the body of Christ is made up of many different, unique, and valuable parts, each to be celebrated and included. It is not just Jesus that is called to love this diverse body, but each person in the church is called to love and celebrate others, not just in the similarities, but in the diversity we each bring as well. No matter someone's gender, background, race, colour, or lifestyle, each and every person that comes to ChristChurch Fulham should be shown the love of Jesus in a way that sees and honours that person. We commit by the Spirit of God that this is what we are called to. We firmly stand against sexism, racism, and prejudice in all forms. We truly believe that by showing love to those inside and outside of CCF in this way, we will truly Love our Neighbour.